BLOCKids climbing ladder

The ten-piece ladder for our BLOCKids climbing walls is supplied with the necessary accessories for assembly. Recommended for the youngest ....

95,00 €
Product will be ready for shipment within 10 working days
Detail description

Simple and quick installation, supplied with all necessary accessories for installation. Can be placed on the wall even unevenly, it's up to you .... Climbing bars cannot be installed vertically.

Package content

  • 10 pcs of climbing wooden bars
  • 20 pcs of M8 screws with countersunk head - 6mm hex


All basic components of BLOCKids climbing walls - boards, climbing holds and landing mats - are certified and do not need to be certified as a whole. Just install and you can start ...

Technical documentation

You can download installation and usage guides for BLOCKids products below.

Recommended accessories

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