BLOCKids 3 – indoor climbing wall


Not enough space to install the BLOCKids 4 climbing wall? Let´s compromise: This climbing wall is 118 cm wide and with its height of 234 cm matches our other climbing walls. It is suitable for children climbers aged 3-10. This indoor climbing wall fits easily into a hallway or a small room. For the little ones, great combined with a blackboard and two safety crash pads for everyone.

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This climbing wall contains three rectangular boards installed horizontally. Each board with 40 holes for 23 climbing holds supplied. These climbing holds are designed to suit any children and respect their safety. Vary the position of the climbing holds at any time or just twist them to keep your children moving! The fall height of around 120 cm is safe with our crash pads.


  • 3× BLOCKids rectangular boards (each board size: 118 cm x 78 cm, 20 holes for attaching the climbing holds).
  • Set of 18 climbing holds and 5 footholds from VirginGrip company available in a versatile colour combination or a boy/girl variety. To buy more climbing holds and various shape designs, visit our website: or email us!
  • Complete accessories for installation.
  • A little gift for you!

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Additional information

Weight46 kg
Dimensions78 × 118 × 35 cm

Easy installation

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