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Basic and the smallest set of BLOCKids to fit to any garden or garden installation. This basic set is designed by the concept designer David Deutscha. For outdoor installation there needs to be a waterproof version of plywood supplied as well as the climbing holds in the “UV resistant” version. No fading shades of holds! Even exposed to direct sunlight, their bright colours remain even the following year! There´s 15 % extra charged for special materials and technology. Simple installation anyone can handle with great fun. Not only for the kiddies but yourselves as well! Let’s make it easy, fast and most importantly fun!


  • 2× BLOCKids rectangularwaterproof boards
  • Set of 12 climbing holdsand 3 footholds (UV resistant) from VirginGrip available in a versatile colour combination or a boy/girl variety. To buy more climbing holds and various shape designs, visit our website: or email us!
  • Full installation accessory equipment.
  • A little gift for you!

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Weight32 kg

Easy installation

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